Video Content is a Must Have in Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

Twitter was the first-ever platform to successfully present an explainer video to its targeted audience. It was a short, animated clip that demonstrated how users could use Twitter. Business owners fell in love with the concept of video content almost immediately, and companies began adding videos to their marketing plans. The Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, summed up by HubSpot back in February 2021, shows that video marketing has come a long way since its introduction, with 94% of people watching an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, and 84% of them actually being convinced enough to make a purchase.

In a nutshell, these statistics tell us that people enjoy watching videos. It’s no surprise then that video has become one of the most successful ways for businesses to communicate their ideas to their clients. Nowadays, we prefer to consume video content since it is more engaging, digestible, entertaining, and over in a matter of minutes.

If you are looking for your business to grow its brand, gain exposure, or make sales, a piece of video marketing should be next up on your marketing plan. Here are 8 reasons why!

1. Video Content= Attention Gained, Message Heard

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend watching reels on Instagram? It starts with just one reel, the next thing you know 2 hours have passed. We enjoy visual entertainment and that’s a fact!

Whether you use video in advertising, on a website, in emails to consumers, or as a notification of an impending event, a video draws and holds attention more than any language or photo can. Videos encourage clients to pay attention to what your company has to communicate to them. One of the most crucial benefits of video for your business is that a better-delivered marketing message generally leads to an increase in revenue and leads.

2. Standing Out From the Crowd

Modern marketing is ever-changing, and your strategy will need to be updated regularly to keep up with the demands of the digital world and its tech-savvy users. Incorporating video content into your marketing approach may be exactly what your company needs to stand out from the crowd.

You can use a video to showcase your brand’s individuality, explain your beliefs, and bring your company’s style to life. By default, a video is a complex, entertaining, valuable, creative tool in which you can incorporate simple marketing ideas to upgrade your content. It’s an art that serves a purpose. A vibrant and eye-catching video can help to raise product/service awareness and leave a lasting impact on an audience.

Although video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, few small businesses prioritize investing in video marketing. As a result, you have the opportunity to be one of the first in your industry to realize the marketing potential of using them.

3. Boosting Your Conversion Rates

Video conversion rates are currently outperforming other types of marketing. Customers are not only engaged by an explainer video, they also feel motivated to perform the actions a video wants them to. You can make a video that describes your services or creatively demonstrates the full potential of your product or your business- just be sure to place an enticing CTA button at the end of your video as an actionable marketing suggestion. For example, this CTA can direct a viewer to a landing page where he or she can get a more detailed look at what your business has to offer. 

A video sells extremely well without being “too nagging” or direct. The entertainment they offer can be a great way to promote your business in a non-obtrusive and discreet way. A video doesn’t even have to mention anything about your business’ services. It could be about something completely else. It is, nonetheless, effective in terms of audience engagement.

If viewers enjoy a video’s material, they will want to learn more about the company that created it. This piques their interest, prompting them to visit your website, where they may learn more about you as a company and the products or the services you have to offer.

4. Ranking Higher on Google

According to Cisco’s VNI Global IP Traffic and Service Adoption Forecasts for 2017-2022, video content will account for 80% of all traffic by 2022, in comparison with the 67% in 2014. Because of its engagement power, video is expected to stop being an intrinsic part of a marketing message and become more frequently employed as an independent content marketing strategy. Basically, video content will become a whole marketing strategy itself!

Unlike photos or text copies, which are frequently scrolled, videos take longer to watch. When people spend more time on a web page than the norm, Google considers the material to be more useful. As a result, this website ranks higher in search results, increasing the possibility of increased traffic.

Allow us to let you in on a little secret: your audience and Google both love and prefer video content. 

5. Your Budget Can Afford a Video

A video sounds great until you start breaking down everything you need and how much it can cost. You could use a celebrity/influencer to add validity to your video, but this can wrack up the price fairly quickly. For a live-action video, choosing a location, hiring a DOP, and hiring an editor will only add more to the bill, and don’t forget about costumes, special effects, and other expenses. And the worst part is that you can’t always count on a high-budget video to deliver you more viewers and conversions.

The cost behind a live-action or influencer starring video can be mitigated by creating an animated video instead. Creating an animated video does not have to be expensive. All you need is a catchy theme, a brief script, and an idea of what you’d like to communicate. You don’t have to be concerned about outfits, lighting, or a setting.

All you have to do is find the perfect animation company to collaborate with. Hire a company with good references and reviews.

6. Improving Your Sales Plan

You can use a video like an explainer video at the top of your sales funnels to attract new leads or at the bottom to retain and engage existing clients, either way, you’ll see positive results. Find the weakest point in your sales funnel and use an explainer video there to strengthen this part of the process.

Perhaps you noticed that your website isn’t getting enough traffic to generate new leads,  you could use an explainer video to draw visitors in and encourage them to learn more. Or perhaps your upsales have decreased, an explainer video is an effective way of introducing a new upgrade or benefit without needing too much manpower or time. According to a survey by Invespcro, buyers who watch product videos are 144% more likely to add the item to their shopping cart.

7. Liked, Shared, and Subscribed!

We all have shared a funny video about babies tasting lemons for the first time, right? People enjoy sharing interesting videos with their friends and family, even if it is just clever advertising (Dollar Shave Club, we’re thinking of you).

Engaging video used in advertising not only converts better but it can also be re-shared on social media (i.e. Facebook or Twitter) by others. If consumers enjoy the content, they are more likely to pay attention to the company that produces it. It aids in increasing brand awareness and recognition, which are just as important for business as conversions because they provide the groundwork for future success.

8. Building Customer Loyalty and Trust

We tend to trust brands that are associated with happy emotions and invest in their consumers’ entertainment. It is, in fact, yet another important business benefit of video marketing. Videos aid in the establishment of more effective and entertaining communication between businesses and their target audiences. It also encourages client loyalty.

If we believe that a company cares about its customers, we will be more loyal to it. When you put time, money, and effort into creating an explainer video, keep in mind that you’re also investing in the engagement and entertainment of your viewers. Customers will unconsciously interpret it as a sign of the brand’s concern for them.

How to Successfully Add Video Content Into Your Business?

A video is not only a visually appealing piece of content that aids in the explanation of complex information and the transmission of a company’s message, it also demonstrates your brand’s distinct personality and elevates communication with your target audience to a new level.

When making an explainer video, keep in mind that you want to evoke an emotional response from the audience. It does not necessarily have to make them cry, but it has to have the potential to be amusing and smart.  The emotional engagement between a business and its customers makes a brand memorable, creating a strong image, strengthening the loyalty towards your brand, generating recurring customers. One of the most significant skills at Storybox Studios is our passion for the exciting growth of your business, we lay the groundwork for success through professional and polished video productions.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level with some great video marketing, Contact Us. We will be more than glad to help you out!


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