Five Benefits of Using Training Videos for Employees

Training new employees should always be one of the most important tasks a business does. Good employees that know the company forwards and backwards and know their role in it can make the difference between a growing, successful business and one that is merely existing.

The problem though is that training new employees well — and consistently — can be time-consuming and expensive. 

In recent years, video has increasingly been used as a powerful tool. There are many reasons to use training videos for employees. In this article, we will show you five benefits of online video training that will help your business in the long run. 

Why you should use video to train your team


Training Videos Create Consistent Experiences

Without the use of video based training, how new employees are oriented to the company and their responsibilities often depend on when they were hired or who is available that day in HR to take care of training. This leaves a lot of room for human error and inconsistencies.

With video being the vehicle for employee training, everyone gets the same message delivered the same way. Later, you can be sure customers and clients will be receiving the same kind of service and support no matter which employee they are working with. 


Using Video Engages Employees

We are living in a world where distributing information and communication is increasingly done through the visual medium of video. Video engages people, and new employees are not the exception. Training in the form of company training videos drives engagement, and engaged people are more likely to remember what they learn. According to Dale’s Cone of Learning, a person is more likely to remember at least 50% what they hear and see versus remembering 20% of what they hear alone.


Video is Customizable

Using online HR training videos makes it easy for you to stay true and consistent with your company’s branding and messaging standards. Online HR video content can be created with your company’s culture and values in mind. Video also assists with differentiating learning for different learning styles of your employees. Video can help those who struggle with traditional reading and listening training. Combining video with traditional methods of training could capture those employees who would benefit from a blended learning approach.


Video is Accessible 

Unlike traditional training methods, video content can be accessed by employees anywhere, any time, and on any device. No matter where your employee is, if they need a quick refresher on a policy or procedure, a video can be readily available to them to find the answers they need. Video also doesn’t have to be consumed all in one sitting. Training can be delivered through shorter sessions and can be spread out over multiple days. This prevents businesses from losing entire days with employees due to training. 


Videos Save Time and Money

Compared to more traditional training sessions, video training saves you time and money. For example, video training can save a company expenses from travel, materials, conference room rental, instructor salaries and printing costs.

It also saves managerial-level employees’ time by eliminating the work of leading training sessions and the travel time associated with them. Instead, they will be free to focus on other tasks that require more individualized attention. Studies indicate that moving training from manuals to customer service training videos can shorten the amount of time needed for training by 40% to 60%. 


How to create videos for training?

Not sure where to even begin to make a training video? Storybox Studios has you covered. Specializing in corporate training videos, we are a full-service video studio that can help you start benefiting from video training today.

Contact one of our team members today to discuss how we can help you start getting these benefits and so much more!


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