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5 Ways to Make An Engaging Product Video

Having a video marketing strategy is going to be vital to bringing in the leads you’re looking for in your business. Making key videos, like an engaging product video, is going to be the key to success in your marketing strategy. 

Why is it important that your videos be engaging? It’s pretty simple: There’s a lot of content out there vying for the attention of your audience. If you increase engagement and use it strategically, you’ll be able to get your message heard over the rest. 

This article will outline some surefire strategies for engaging the audience you most want to reach. 

Create An Engaging Product Video With a Focus on Quality

You have a voice and a message, but if you don’t deliver those in a way that is going to capture your audience’s attention. Creating an engaging product video goes beyond having a great script – you have to keep an eye on the visual and audio details as well.

Think about the videos that capture you as a consumer. Consider some of the techniques they are using to get your attention and keep it for the duration of the video. You want to create videos that are actually valuable and entertaining instead of just sharing a message you believe to be important. 

Beyond content quality, you also need to pay attention to audio and video quality. Make sure your visuals are clear and your audio can be heard. Additionally, consider the loading time of your video as potential customers are likely to move on quickly if you can’t get their attention right away.

Include On-Screen Text

Adding visual cues to your video content boosts your audience’s interaction with your content. These visual cues could include calls to action such as subscribing to your video channel or newsletter or following you on social media. You can direct them to visit your website for more information or point them toward a lead magnet you have created. 

Spread these visual cues over the entire length of your video, not just the beginning or end. This will ensure that no matter where they began or stopped viewing your video, they still know exactly what action you want them to take. 

Keep it Short

Savvy marketers know that they are battling a person’s ever-dwindling attention span when it comes to digital audience engagement. That’s why you want to pay close attention to how long your video is and tailor it for the audience based on what platform you are using. 

According to HubSpot, because of the visual nature of Instagram, scrolling happens a lot faster there than on other platforms. That’s why it’s recommended that Instagram videos should be no longer than 30 seconds as posts that received the most comments averaged 26 seconds long.

As for YouTube, HubSpot sees the most engagement on videos that average 2 minutes in length. Because YouTube is a good resource to find specific videos, audiences tend to be engaged longer there.

Put the Most Important Things First

No matter how engaging the content is, most videos lose viewership over time. The online consumer tends to get bored or distracted easily, or they make a quick judgment that the video isn’t for them. 

Before they move on to the next video, make sure that whatever you want your audience to see or hear is put in the several seconds of your video. A decrease in engagement is absolutely normal for all video content, but most longer videos tend to have a sharper decline within the first 20 seconds.

Use Data to Drive Content Decisions

If you were giving your sales pitch to a live audience, it would be easy to see if they were engaged or not just by looking at them and observing their body language. However, you don’t have that luxury with video marketing and audience interaction is going to be measured in completely different ways. 

Instead of seeing who’s yawning and who’s asking questions, when measuring video engagement you’re going to use metrics like:

  • Shares, comments, likes, and reactions
  • Play rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Watch times

Keeping an eye on these metrics is going to be how you can tell if you’re doing your job in engaging your audience. If you aren’t seeing the numbers you want to see, don’t be afraid to take that information to come up with a new plan. You can use the content you’ve already created and make sure it has the quality, the entertainment value, and the optimized length that video content needs.

Get help from video production experts!

It’s a noisy marketplace out there. The audience engagement tools that you use in your video marketing is going to be the key to whether or not a customer finds you or finds your competition. At Storybox Studios, our experts have the know-how and the experience to help you tell your story in an engaging way. Contact one of our professionals today to discuss how we can help you with your video marketing plan and turn those internet scrollers into dedicated customers. 


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