Which Animation Style fit best for your business’ videos.

Best Animation Styles for Your Business’ Videos

Let’s cue a nostalgic throwback and remember how Oscar-winning CGI Hollywood blockbusters Pixar’s Toy Story and Finding Nemo took the film industry by storm.,  They placed animated films at the top of the most viewed movies ever (yes, even by grown-ups!) But did the craze for animated films start with these two great creations? Of course not! Back in 1900, J. Stuart Blackton’s managed to capture on a standard picture film the first animated sequence called “The Enchanted Drawing” which used a live-action actor, props, and stop-motion techniques to create a two-minute comedic scene. Clever man, eh?

Animation goes back to Ancient Greece as a means of storytelling. From ancient Greek pottery through seventeenth-century ocular toys to twenty-first-century computer-generated imagery (CGI), animation has existed in many forms, evolving into the groundbreaking technology we see today. But why are we telling you this? Let these numbers answer that: According to Wyzowl, 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or a service after seeing a video about it, and having an animated video on your website can raise your click-through rate by up from 200% to 300%.  

These findings show how animation has become one of the most successful methods for increasing audience loyalty and establishing emotional relationships with a company. It promotes client involvement and generates discussion about products, services, and businesses on the internet. Now you may be eager to dive into the animation world, but where to begin? Choosing an animation style is one of the most crucial aspects of the video production process. Different styles express many tones and can suit specific objectives.

Reminder: It’s always a good idea to do a little research on the consumer profile before starting the production of your video. With background information, you can better understand your target audience which aids in the creation of content that will appeal to your customers.

Now, without much further ado, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular animation video styles to help you understand all the possibilities!

Cartoon Animation

Who are we kidding? Adults still love cartoons! This style is all about having fun, and adventurous concepts with lots of colors, funny bits with sound effects, expressive characters, and detailed elements. If you are interested in taking a more humorous and engaging approach to your advertising, cartoon animation is your best option as it maximizes the amount of enjoyment and will turn your content into an engaging animated story.

Many businesses create characters that mirror the quirks and passions of actual clients. Such heroes frequently face the same challenges as real consumers in cartoon animated videos and solve them using the brand’s products or services. It may appear overly simple and obvious, but this strategy sure works magic!

3D Animation

In the video industry, 3D animation has been a true game changer. Who’d have guessed that one day we’d be able to make an object in three dimensions, rotate it, and move it around as we please? To work with a character in 3D, you’ll need to sculpt it precisely, design its skeleton, and model its appearance. An animator will need to position the model in specific frames and then allow a computer to take care of the rest.

Because it is more advanced and artistically rich, 3D animation is the most popular style. As a result, this animation technique is one of the most successful for communicating complex concepts, ideas, products, and services.

We can build sophisticated objects and rotate them or their individual sections in the video by designing in 3D space. When created in 3D, the most sophisticated movements, which are impossible in 2D such as twisting, spinning and rotating at varying speeds become possible.

Other styles do not provide as much freedom and creativity as 3D videos do. Because there are no restrictions on moving things or producing visual effects in this form of video, your imagination can soar without limitations!

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is at the top of the animation industry today, despite its simplicity. It’s a versatile design that works for a wide range of businesses and sectors. This style is frequently less expensive and easier to create. It frequently appears as if a hand is drawing pictures on a white background.

Even though it consists of a very basic design, this style helps keep the viewer’s attention on the important information while not distracting potential buyers from the essential brand message. Illustrations appear one by one, assisting in the diffusion of even the most complex business principles in very simple ways.

Motion Graphics Animation

Another style is motion graphics. These usually have a more mature and serious appearance than a cartoon animated video. That is why this style is preferred by many businesses who wish to maintain a serious and authoritative image. Motion graphics have been used by financial institutions, healthcare providers, block-chain firms, security groups, and other organizations.

As the name implies, motion graphics use basic animated images to convey information. This style is supposed to be exciting (just look at this!) and simple to follow because there is always constant movement, and each of these movements, especially the transition between frames and the movement of little objects, requires a great deal of attention to detail and method.

As a result, motion graphics typically take up more of an animator’s work (and thus money) than other styles but nevertheless, it sure leaves a killer impression on the audience.

Stop Motion Animation

Let’s break down the process of stop motion animation! First, you create a character – either manually or digitally – take some photos, then change some aspect of that character (for example, relocating the hand), and then take another photo. Once you’re finished with the drawing/photography process, stack the photos together and you have a stop-motion video! Is that easy? Well, no. The movie “Coraline” wasn’t made in a day.

Stop motion or stop-frame is created by animators manipulating real-world objects to create the illusion of them moving on their own. They create an illusion of activity and movement by playing back a precise sequence of frames. Overall, stop-motion is of one the simplest styles, but it involves a time-consuming procedure of photographing each frame. Not to mention that a video made up of a hundred photos can be only a few seconds long and according to Hubspot, you should hit at least 30 seconds long.

Puppets, pictures, papers, and whatever else you may think of can be used as a character. Because this type of animation is so entertaining to watch, it’s excellent for businesses looking to make a lasting impact with their brand launch. Although stop motion animation is more expensive than other styles due to the high work that is required, it is a great choice if you want your animated video to stand out from the crowd.

 Cutout Animation

Cutout animation is one of the oldest animation techniques, and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cutout animation, as the name suggests, features characters and objects being cut out of paper or fabric. It’s one of the subtypes of stop motion animation.

One of the most appealing aspects of cutout animation is its unique appearance. Paper cutout characters move in front of the camera, delivering a beautiful and fascinating story to the audience. It is great to consider that some things don’t need words, and sometimes all you have to do is look! And this role is perfectly provided by a cutout video.

Typography Animation

This style’s goal is to convey a message through words and is essentially a blend of typography and motion. It is particularly well-known as a result of its frequent appearance in films. It’s commonly found in the opening credits of a film. The style regained popularity back in 1959 thanks in large part to Alfred Hitchcock’s efforts.

Thus if you enjoy beautiful fonts and want to include them in your creations, typography animation is an excellent choice. For many years, this style has been immensely popular in everything from movies to TV ads, so designers have recently begun to incorporate it into web design and other types of content. Text animations are frequently used to enhance the significance of a text and to convey an emotional message.

Infographic Animation

Essentially, this is a scripted motion graphic video will the primary objective of explaining, teaching, or informing. It may cover any topic and turn often boring facts into interesting, aesthetically appealing statistics, allowing viewers to remember more information.

Infographic videos are highly reliant on just data. This style is great to show data about the growth of your business to potential investors. This type of animation is jam-packed with facts, data, numbers, charts, and other types of statistics. The fact that all of this info is animated makes it much easier to keep the viewer awake while reading through it.

Find Your Perfect Animation Style with StoryBox Studios

We know it’s not easy to choose the best animation style for your video, but this will not be a problem if you partner up with StoryBox Studios. Our staff has the professional experience to combine several styles of animation to bring fun to your story while also increasing the exposure of your business. Once you put your trust in us, the outcome will be nothing short of a gold mine: a video that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

See a style you like? Tell Us! We will be waiting for your call.

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