Keep Your Brand On the Move with Motions Graphics!

The world of commercial animation is divided into several disciplines and styles. The term “animation” is a catch-all phrase refers to nearly anything that moves. Yet, one type of animation stands above all the rest: motion graphics! This type of animation is so common that it’s often overlooked by marketers. But it’s a very strong tool for achieving your business goals.

In 2020, motion graphics was quite a trend in UX design for websites with companies in many industries attempting to stand out on the web with a distinct design and brand identity. It served as an excellent technique for making brands more memorable and noticeable. Folks have a hard time forgetting a website that has a unique, stylish, and memorable animation. In recent years, many industry leaders have chosen motion graphics as the pinch of spice for their online presence. 

But, what exactly are motion graphics?

Motion Graphics are Graphics that Move

This is the clearest explanation we can offer! Motion Graphics is frequently referred to as motion design. This definition helps to clarify the relationship between movement and design aspects behind a creative process. It is the application of design knowledge to new media by incorporating elements of time and space.

However, bringing design components to life is not an easy feat. In contrast to other types of animation, there is no pre-defined or “natural” technique of animating things. For example, with conventional animation (such as Disney movies), you can use an infinite number of styles to animate a human figure or an animal.

Motion Graphics, in essence, takes what is naturally stationary and creates a digital movie using a blend of animation and graphic design. Motion graphics can be used to improve an animated or staged video by adding effects such as making titles pop or designing moving backdrops. Or, they can be used to create a whole new project! With the rise of video content marketing, motion graphics have spread beyond the boundaries of films and television to massively occupy digital media platforms.

Why Motion Graphics?

Some ideas, particularly those that are big and abstract, are difficult to convey using just words or still images. Motion graphics can help to virtually express complicated ideas and make your project more meaningful. 

This kind of visual style also appeals to a wide spectrum of viewers. Some animations, like cartoons, are typically regarded as too infantile for official corporate settings. However, motion graphics can be adapted to any type of workplace setting or target market. Whatever industry you are in, motion graphics can be used to make your message more engaging and exciting.

Motion graphics require time and money. So, what results can you expect?

  1. Powerful Branding Strategy

It’s not a secret that successful branding strategies create long-lasting impressions in the minds of your target audience. Motion graphic videos are a strong branding strategy as they efficiently catch the interest of viewers. In this modern world of restricted attention spans, graphics engage viewers emotionally and mentally with your brand message.

Whether you’re raising brand awareness or boosting brand reputation, motion graphics can and will effectively convey your brand’s mission and vision.

A few of the greatest features of motion graphics is the easily shared material and real-time feedback that they offer regarding your brand. This information will help to evaluate your business and improve your position with the competition.

Furthermore, motion graphics offers you the opportunity to control content style. All existing material may be modified to meet your brand’s visual identity, brand voice, and tone to meet the targeted audience’s preferences and interests.

  • Simplifying Challenging Topics

One of the main benefits of employing motion graphics within a video is that you can simplify intricate concepts that can be consumed in a minute or two.

Statistics, data visualization, chemistry, physics, economics, and all complex topics can be simplified and polished to engage viewers in a short period of time. You can describe the competitive advantage of your company’s products and solutions, as well as how they can meet the demands and challenges of the targeted audience.

  • Highly Engaging and Easily Consumed

Video marketing content receives more engagement than other types of content shared online via social media platforms in the form of comments and shares as engagement is driven by visual content.

Nowadays, going viral is a thing! Your business can go viral thanks to exciting motion graphics videos that can be effortlessly consumed by your audience within seconds. The formula is quite simple: a clear message with great presentation and moving elements. The influence of social media platforms on decision-making has already been extensively researched, thus, an excellent motion graphics video is a great way to promote your brand. Important tip? Never forget to urge your customers to share the video with a call-to-action!

40% of people respond better to visual information than text and posts with videos receive 3 times the number of inbound links than simple text posts. Imagine the value-added motion graphics can add to your business’ marketing campaigns.

  • Multi-Sensory Experience

Your targeted audiences will typically differ on their preferred content type and how they want to acquire information, whether it is through text, audio content, an infographic, or a video. The good news is that motion graphics videos are a “multi-sensory experience” of several types of content that allow you to reach different types of audiences and boost engagement.

Graphic designs and illustrations are excellent marketing solutions that improve engagement and drive desired conversions from targeted audiences on the platforms you choose to publish your content. Motion graphics videos are made up of designs, illustrations, and audio material, and have a greater conversion rate than other content marketing formats, as well as a higher ROI when combined with a highly persuasive marketing solution.

  • Time and Cost-Efficient 

Despite the fact that the average human spends at least 6 hours a week watching videos, the available time for your business to attract and engage a potential customer is limited and shrinking every day due to the millions of posts and ads published every day. Motion graphics are valuable for making the most of viewers’ limited time by allowing them to see and engage with your content on a variety of digital platforms.

  • Enhances SEO Ranking

The majority of the information we encounter on the Internet is in the form of text. The rivalry to be the first piece of text a potential customer sees is fierce as top rankings in search results costs thousands of dollars of optimization. But the competition in the world of video content is gentler. When consumers search for relevant terms, a video promoting your business is more likely to catch their eye, even if it is not among the first few results on a page. Here is a great opportunity to connect with your customers!

Engaging motion graphics videos incorporated on business and e-commerce platforms also greatly enhances dwell time, increases visits and minimizes bounce rate. 

Don’t ever stop moving with StoryBox Studios!

Motion graphics serve as a valuable ally and brand tool for practically any business. It has the ability to entertain, inspire, and motivate your customers to take the action you want them to, in a short amount of time. Whether the goal is to promote a new product or service, improve brand recognition, or increase social shares on social media, an engaging element of motion graphics will help to achieve the goal! 

In StoryBox Studios, we are your brand storyteller. Our team will help you to increase the connection and engagement in less time with a budget that works for you. Let’s make your brand unforgettable.


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